Easy to install and easy on the budget, an above-ground pool is a wise choice. It makes the whole family happy! The fun of summer is right there in your own backyard! Thanks to a wide range of shapes, materials, and finishes, you and Trevi can create the pool that’s right for your family, no matter your needs. Want a pool for fun? For the kids? For relaxing at the end of a busy day? With Trevi, you will create a delightful, relaxing refuge in your own backyard.


When you purchase a Trevi pool, you also acquire peace of mind, unparalleled manufacturing quality, and safe materials. When you purchase a Trevi pool, you will be satisfied.


This pool is definitely in a league of its own! Trevi’s high-end 211 Innovation pool features improved stability and resistance to soil movement thanks to its exclusive and uniquely designed Secur-Lock bottom track. With its 7-inch wide, superior quality resin top seat and its elegant uprights, the Trevi 211 is sure to be the highlight of your summer!

Add ambiance to your evenings by opting for the multicolored LED solar lights. All the posts of the structure (round pool & round section of oval pool) can be equipped with lamps whose color you can change according to your mood or the ambiance you want to create. One light, seven fashionable colors!


Superior quality resin top seat features uniform calibration, UV treatment against discoloration and a molecular memory to prevent warping. Plus, it is scratch-resistant! The bottom Secur-Lock safety track, made of resin provides greater stability.


Prevents liner setback in case of movement caused by freezing or thawing, and increases overall pool stability. (Available only with “U-bead” liner)


Round: Oval:
12’ (3.66 m), 12’ x 24’ (3.66 m x 7.31 m)
15’ (4.57 m), 15’ x 24’ (4.57 m x 7.31 m)
18’ (5.48 m), 15’ x 30’ (4.57 m x 9.14 m)
21’ (6.40 m), 18’ x 33’ (5.48 m x 10.06 m)
24’ (7.31 m),
27’ (8.23 m),
30’ (9.14 m)