As a provider of Fiber Fuel Bricks, Empire Pools and Hot Tubs can help you stay stocked for those chilly New England nights. Fiber Fuel Bricks are known as the cleaner, smarter, and greener alternative to conventional firewood. Our fireplace, woodstove, and outdoor fire pit bricks are ideal and are made to warm up any gathering.

Each Fiber Fuel Brick is a two-pound wood brick, which you can use to supplement or replace your standard firewood. Using compressed eastern white pine, known as a premium fuel source for your wood stove, furnaces, campfires and backyard fires pits. Enjoy the many benefits of Fiber Fuel, including the compact size, safety, long lasting, eco-friend, and cleaner. Plus, it’s 100% natural, easy to use, simply storage and simple clean. The big benefit of Fiber Fuel is that from the minute you get home, they are ready to be used. You don’t need to season or dry them, which eliminates the risk of mold, insects, and dirt that may get dragged into your home.

We sell Fiber Fuel Bricks in individual packages and by the pallet.

Fiber Fuel
12 bricks per bag
84 bags per pallet
Ask about skids of Fiber Fuel!

Cash and Carry, Pickup Only
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