Hot Tub Chemicals

Did you just buy a new hot tub but not sure how to keep your water properly balanced and sanitized? Empire Pools and Hot Tubs offers several types of chemicals to adjust your water quality, including chlorine granular, BaquaSpa, bromine tablets, salts, and nuggets that help sanitize the water.

Hot tub maintenance and cleanliness is important for your overall health, and not treating your hot tub water when needed can lead to bacteria growth. Proper hot tub maintenance starts with high-quality chemicals, and a good clean out every three to four months.

Selecting the right chemicals for your hot tub style and size may not be easy, but we can help. At Empire Pools and Hot Tubs, we stock a variety of hot tub chemicals that will keep your hot tub clean and comfortable. To make your life even easier, ask about our chemical test kits, which is a great idea for water testing throughout the season, and beyond.

Our knowledgeable staff members can walk you through the options and recommend the ideal product.

  • Simply Solenis Non-Chlorine Hot Tub Sanitizer
  • @Ease Smartchlor Automated Sanitizing System
  • InSparation Aroma Therapy
  • Nature 2 Mineral Cartridge
  • SerenaSpa Chemicals
  • Serum Total Cleanse Water Care
  • Spa Frog Systems