Mesh Pool Safety Covers – LOOP-LOC Safety Covers

Protect Your Family With the One Safety Pool Cover Strong Enough to Support an Elephant, LOOP-LOC Safety Covers!

You’ll probably never need a mesh safety pool cover strong enough to support the weight of “Bubbles,” the African elephant. But imagine how safe you’ll feel owning the only pool cover that’s proven it can: the one and only LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover, “The ELEPHANT™ Cover”.

LOOP-LOC®’s Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh Safety Cover is everything you could want in a pool cover, and more!

Imagine opening your pool in the spring and having it look almost as clean as the day you closed it. That’s what you can expect from the new Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh Safety covers from LOOP-LOC®. Our ultimate light-blocking fabric not only deters algae growth but drains lightning-quick. Unlike other light blocking covers, this one drains up to 80 gallons per minute without clogging, giving you complete peace of mind.

Ultra-LOC III Safety Covers

Exclusively From LOOP-LOC: The ULTRA-LOC III® Solid Safety Cover Is Tougher than Tough, Stronger than Strong! You no longer have to choose between the light weight of a mesh pool cover and the light-blocking benefits of a solid cover. The revolutionary ULTRA-LOC III gives you the best of both worlds!


LOOP-LOC On-Ground Pool Covers Offer Superior Safety, Strength, and Protection.
Owners of on-ground pools (surrounded by at least 2 feet of deck) can enjoy the same safety, strength and protection owners of in-ground pools have enjoyed for years with LOOP-LOC On-Ground safety